Let’s build Your car – Which colour will you choose?

Kinner-car - muscle power in pastel green !

Standard colours

It is possible to have custom colours for extra charge, please inquire.

How would You like to enjoy the ride?

F for Freewheel

Kinner is electric assisted human powered vehicle. Most of all it moves with your muscles – so some of us wants as little friction as possible. On freewheel version the drivetrain doesn’t move when you stop pedalling.


If You use Your Kinner in an areas with less downhills – Or if You like long travels – Freewheel version is the way to go. 

Kinner-car - muscle power in pastel green !

R for Regeneration + reverse gear

R – version doesn’t have the freewheel on rear axle because belts/chains takes the brake energy to charge the battery. It means that on downhill you don’t need to use so much brakes to slow down, just pedal backwards.  R version has also reverse gear which helps e.g. to park the car.

If You ride somewhere with lots of hills, the regeneration saves your brakepads on long downhills. – The way to go in alps!.

Reverse gear adds comfort and ease in city traffic.

Chain or belt drive?

Drivetrain chain

Less expensive choice.
Slightly  less friction. Easy to change sprocket size and adjust the chain lenght.

Drivetrain Belt

For a bit more extra price You’ll enjoy belts. -No grease, much longer life than chain. No noise – More elegant ride!


Tyres make a difference

sportscar or sportcar

Kinner is a great vehicle to exercise – a road bike with social element. Road bike tyres with high pressure or bigger tyres with more comfortable ride.

We have a couple of choices for tyres, but You can easily change them to suit your taste.

Michelin 23x622 dynamic sport road bike wheels

23 mm. Very low friction  – fast and sporty ride.

SCHWALBE Lugano 700 x 25c (25-622)

25 mm.  A bit wider – K-Guard puncture protection for them who hate to change tyres – a bit heavier.

MICHELIN PROTEK 700 X 40C (42-622)

42 mm. Gravelbike style – more comfortable.  Puncture protection 1mm.

SCHWALBE Road Cruiser 700 x 40c 28 x 1,60 (42-622)

28mm. Most comfortable.

More options coming for mudguards, lights, mirrors, windscreens etc.

There’s so many ways to enjoy Kinner – it’s all up to you.

 We are now booking orders for EU version for a price of 18.000 € (incl. VAT)

 We are now booking orders for EU version for a price of 15.000 € (incl. VAT)

Would You like to book an order for your Kinner-car - Or just want to know more

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If You have any questions about delivery time or whatever don’t hesitate to send a message.

    Technical data

    Total lenght (mm)2850
    Weight (kg)50-60 depends on options
    Wheel base2300
    F -FreewheelR -Regeneration-reverse
    MotorValeo FValeo R
    BrakesDisc brakeDisc brake
    Suspension4 x coilovers4 x coilovers
    Wheels ETRTO 622 mmETRTO 622 mm

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