About us

-The workshop is located in Kokkola, Westcoast in Finland, four hours by train up north from Helsinki. The Design, assembly and adjusting, marketing and selling is done at Kinner Yrittäjäntie 1 workshop.

You’re wellcome to visit and book a test drive, We have always one or two demo cars available for testing.

– We are replying your mail from Finland and the whole production happens here in co-operation with our local subcontractors. 

Aluminium parts are designed, bent, cut, welded and painted here. Composite parts are designed and laminated here. Everything is then put together at Kinner workshop.

People behind the Kinner-car

Ari-Jukka Luomaranta

Owner, entrepreneur, designer,

I've been full time guitarluthier for more than 20 years. Built hundreds of tailor-made jazzguitars for international customers. Guitar is a physical object, designed to be played and to make music.
My passion has always been music and playing guitar. -but also old machines and vehicles. I have restored almost everything from old radios to aeroplane.
I also fly aerobatics -with the plane that I have restored.
-but what excites me in those physical objects, like guitars, cars and aeroplanes, is of course aesthetics, but most of all their connection to us - people.
How the playability feels in guitars neck, how the doorhandles and knobs feels to use. Who have played this guitar before me and who have flown this plane before me. -Or what is he or she like who drives Kinner

Kennet Törnroos

Chief Engineer, fuselage

A professional designer. He has been working as a design engineer in international business -making ideas to become real - from sketch to serial production. Kennet is a car guy by heart. He has been building cars and been a member of various motorsport teams.
Kennet spends lots of his free time coaching ice-hockey juniors

In collaboration with local companies

Locally manufactured pedalcar

This is local production. Local production is eco-friendlier, no overseas production is used for cheap labor or to get rid of environmental regulations. Not much transportation for parts needed either. 

-Everything is based around my town Kokkola, Finland. 3D-design, CNC-milling, tube bending, fuselage & suspension design, laser cutting, welding, metalwork and composite work, – then the parts are brought to Kinner workshop and cars are put together. 

-It’s actually amazing how much knowledge and talent we have here.-but most of all,- the best composite knowledge and experience in scandinavia is here. f.e. the most beautiful sailing boats like Swan and High-tech carebonfiber Baltic yachts are made here, and many many other various smaller composite boats. We have best understanding here.


3-D files - Daniel Sundqvist

Everything starts from  pencil and paper. -but today the design has to be understood by computer. Daniel is behind that when it comes to composite parts. He has best understanding of making molds for composite work, -He turns picture of shapes to real object

Kinner electric assistance motor

Kinner is using revolutionary european high tech motor to assist human power. Automatic gearbox is integrated to motor,-You can forget the whole motor, it just gives you more power to pedal. -If You want,- you can adjust the assistance or even change gears by switching the button.

MMI-Company - Milling the plugs & making the molds for Kinner composite parts

MMI-company is located two kilometres from Kinner. Håkan & his guys are milling Daniel’s 3D files first to plugs and then to molds to make composite parts. 


EKA-composites is located in Oravainen, about half an hour from Kinner workshop. Its modern factory is making high tech injection laminating subcontracting for top boat companies. They’re very up-to-date in sustainable  green technologies and materials. We have very smooth and flexible co-operation with them

Lasercutting - Lasersteel

Aluminium parts are designed by Kennet, files are sent to company called “Kokkolan lasersteel”, one kilometer from Kinner workshop. Very fast service and no shipping charges !


Another local company, “Kokkolan pikahitsaus”,- run by bicycle-guys ! three kilometres from us. specialised in aluminium welding. They do very challenging projects from big aluminium boats to special subcontracting for Finnish industry.


Take a look inside the workshop

What is happening in Kinner?

Test drives !

We are now making the first batch of cars. First ones are ready for testing,-some adjusting still needed. Brake handles are too long and hit...

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First cars (almost) ready

A first batch of test cars are finished one at the time. We are now testin some accessories like mudguards, mirrors – Brake handles on...

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Kinner-car - muscle power in pastel green !

Starting serial production

-Production is starting. At the moment aluminium parts are in laser cutting, we’re starting welding fuselages for the first batch of cars. Also composite molds...

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Co-founded by the European Union

European Union has decided to support Kinner – human power. Kinner represents an emission free solution for daily commuting. “Green” sportscar with classic design. The car is very light, needs very little energy, moves mostly with muscle power, but uses also modern technology with revolutionary automatic gear electric assistance.