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Human power

Welcome to get to know “Kinner” – A Human powered pedalcar with two seats and an electric asssistance. 

We’re ready to open the curtain and book you a test drive!

Finally an elegant human powered car!

Kinner is first of all human powered vehicle. – Electric assistance makes the low speed driving easy. – With it’s composite chassis & roadbike wheels, the Kinner is very light and moves with very little effort.


It’s driving position is comfortable and You also see around you

Dress up nice, stop by and have a glass of prosecco with a friend at the terrace. 

Yes, electric assistance makes the low speed moving easy. But if You want to go faster than 25 km/h, you can – with your muscles only. Kinner can be also registered as a Speed-pedelec then assistance is allowed up to 45 km/h


– A whole day at work? – It’s a good way to clear your mind while taking a tour or a road trip with a friend!


There is crankset for both drivers so each of You can pedal. Both cranks have a freewheel which allows that both of You don’t need to pedal at the same time.

Kinner has one of a kind assistant motor with automatic gears. Gear shifting can be also manually selected.

Eco-friendly motorsport!

Do you want to excercise with a companion – or even race? On a bicycle You only have your body weight to help turning the crank. Kinner-car has seats and better driving position so You get lots of more power to use easily.

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Start planning your own Kinner-car

Order now

Start planning your own Kinner-car today

There will be various customizable options on Kinner pedalcar. You can of course choose colour, but also nice extras like side windscreen, mirrors, lights & blinkers integrated to electric system – the system that can be used like a sportwatch.


Sportwatch and navigator + all electrics are integrated to Kinners software, no separate gadgets needed. It also has an anti-theft system – without your pin-code the car cannot be used.


Two seat four wheel pedalcar has many advantages – or is this a pedalcar or a muscle powered car  or human power sportscar? Anyway, You have a decent driving position, You can sit side by side. It’s stable. It can be used in various applications or just for everyday transportation.

Or for sports, exercise with your friend which is much more fun  with Kinner than a road bike alone. Or arrange events – a motorsport day for your workmates at local racetrack! Even without any electric assistance, when there’s two of you using your muscles you will get enough speed for most of cases.


How often do you really need more than thousand kilos of heavily constructed car to move you couple of kilometres?  For shopping or daily commuting? At some areas cars are not welcome  because of the pollution or noise.


Kinner – human power !

What is happening

Test drives !

We are now making the first batch of cars. First ones are ready for testing,-some adjusting still needed. Brake handles are too long and hit...

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In Kinner?


This is local production. Local production is eco-friendlier, no overseas production is used for cheap labor or to get rid of environmental regulations. Not much transportation for parts needed either. Everything is based around my town Kokkola, Finland. 3D-design, CNC-milling, fuselage & suspension design, laser cutting, welding, metalwork, composite work & assembly. -It’s actually amazing how much knowledge and talent we have here.


Many thanks for people around me to offer their help. First of all Kennet Törnroos for his work with fuselage & all hardware.. Daniel Sundqvist for 3D-work, Håkan Sundelin at mmi-company & Mikael Strand at EKA-composites for composite work, Esa Pietilä & guys at, Harald Bradt at lasersteel, Juuso Tornberg, the graphic designer. Special thanks for Heikki Räisänen for the idea. Kosek, Toni Klemola, Katri & Rainer Lorenz for support. Jukka Lehojärvi, Ulpu at kirjapaino Välikangas, Sami Luoma and models Ronja, Milla and Annukka!


Ari-Jukka Luomaranta,

An entrepreneur, dreamer, designer, craftsman, aviator

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