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Human power

Welcome to get to know “Kinner” – This website is meant to promote upcoming muscle powered Kinner-car. The car is a working prototype. We’re working to get things adjusted, we still need time to get all the details right to start production.

Finally an elegant human powered car!

Kinner is first of all human powered vehicle. – Electric assistance makes the low speed driving easy. – With it’s composite chassis & roadbike wheels, the Kinner is very light and moves with very little effort.

Dress up nice, stop by and have a glass of prosecco with a friend at the terrace. Kinner is registered as a bicycle – no driving license is needed.

Wheelbase 220 cm, total length 285

width 100cm

– Yes, electric assistance makes the low speed moving easy. – But if You want to go faster than 25 km/h, you can – with your muscles only.

-A whole day at work ? -A good way to clear your mind while taking a tour or a road trip with a friend !

Eco-friendly motorsport !

You want to excercise with companion – or race? On a bicycle You only have your bodyweight to help turning the crank. There is seats and better driving position in the Kinner-car so You get lots of more power to use easily – think about benchpress !

It’s very easy to step in as the hood opens up. Easy and very suitable as commuter vehicle, for shopping or holidays

Be it shopping or travel, there is large space for luggage under the hood. – Think about a couple of days holiday just driving on Kinner. How far can you get?

Make sure to get yours – by paying reservation payment of 500 eur, you will be sure to be among the first ones.
By paying the reservation payment you will also help us to get things rolling and you will get 600 eur payback after delivery!

Final price 15.000 eur

12.2096 eur tax-free outside EU

Delivery starts in april 2022

Coming soon

There will be various customizable options on Kinner pedalcar. You can of course choose colour, but also nice extras like side windscreen, mirrors, lights & blinkers integrated to electric system – the system that can be used like a sportwatch.

It has narrow and light road bike wheels, but tyres can be changed bigger for gravel roads. All composite parts can be made of fibreglass, carbonfiber or green bio-based composite material.

Sportwatch and navigator + all electrics are integrated to Kinners software, no separate gadgets needed. It also has an anti-theft system – without your pin-code the car cannot be used.

Two seat four wheel pedalcar has many advantages, or is this a pedalcar, -is this a muscle powered car, or human power sportscar,.. anyway. You have a decent driving position, You can sit side by side. It’s stable. It can be used in various applications, just for everyday transportation, – how often you really need more than thousand kilos of heavily constructed car – to move you couple of kilometres. to go and buy something to eat.

Or for sports, exercise with your friend, – much more fun than a road bike. Or arrange events, – a motorsport day for your workmates at local racetrack !!

At some areas cars are not wellcome, because of the pollution or noise. Even without any electric assistance, when there’s two of you using your muscles you will get enough speed for most of cases.

Kinner – human power – will save you – and our earth